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Microfilm, Microfiche, CD ROM Guide

Routledge Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

The Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy CD-ROM Edition is an electronic parallel edition to the print REP (available at RR 158) . The Library owns version 1.0 (1998).

The on-screen arrangement allows for easy browsing through and between articles, and for quick access to bibliographical references and to a glossary. It also includes a number of article search and annotation features.

Getting started

The REP CD-ROM  has been pre-installed on Reading Room Computer 3 and is only available for use on this computer.

Click on the icon labelled ‘Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy’ on the Computer 3 desktop. This will open the home screen, which offers three clickable links: ‘Guides’, ‘Full text’ or ‘Exit’.

‘Guides’ gives access to a set of guides to entries classified by theme. ‘Full text’ gives immediate access to the full text screen. In both cases, first click on the link on the home screen, then click again in the central (black) area of the screen to hide this area.

‘Full screen view’ includes a left hand side bar providing an alphabetical index to entries, a box displaying the full text of the selected entry at the top right of the screen, and a box displaying the bibliographical references for the selected entry at the bottom right.

Tabs at the top of the page provide access to two alternate screen views – index as full screen, and glossary.

A menu bar at the top of the screen provides access to a range of search and annotation functions, accessible whilst you are in ‘Full screen view’:

  • Simple search (Search > Search) - simple keyword search, with option to restrict the search to the article summary, title or contributor
  • Advanced search (Search > Advanced search) – combined term searches
  • Bibliographical search (Search > Bibliographical search) – search for a cited work by title, author, publisher or free text
  • Bookmark (Annotation > Create bookmark) – bookmark important entries for future reference
  • Note (Annotation > Create note) – annotate important entries whilst reading

A range of options to manage your own personal file of notes or bookmarks

Getting help

The REP CD-ROM includes a ‘Help’ section, accessed via the menu bar at the top of the screen (Help > Help topics). The information in this section can be accessed via a contents list, via an alphabetical index or via a search function.