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How to find periodicals

To search for a journal, simply select the title search option on the catalogue and enter the journal title in the same way as a book title. The catalogue will return a record like the one below.

The vast majority of periodicals are held at P classmarks, usually located in the Lower Ground floor of the library but moved off-site in April 2022 for the duration of the Warburg Renaissance redevelopment project. Some journals on very specific subjects may be shelved at the corresponding classmark (for example, Erasmus Studies is shelved on the second floor at NAD 180, along with all other materical on Erasmus).  Browse periodical classmarks here.


Screenshot of a catalogue record


Please note that bound periodicals with classmarks starting with P have been moved off-site during the Warburg Renaissance redevelopment project and are inaccessible until the end of 2023.

Most periodicals have classmarks beginning with P; this means that print copies can be found in the basement rolling stacks. Browse periodical classmarks here. Some periodicals dealing with a very narrow subject area may be shelved upstairs in the Library with monographs on the same subject.

The catalogue record for a periodical will tell you which specific volumes the Library holds and where they are shelved. If you wish to see which volumes are available in more detail, click on the Latest Received link.

Access via the Warburg library catalogue

We hold some journal titles in both print and online formats. Online issues of the journal may be hosted on more than one platform. If you wish to see the online holdings, click on the Connect to Web Resource links within the catalogue record.  

Access to many of our online journals is IP-based, meaning that they may only be viewed from networked Library computers within the Warburg Institute and cannot be accessed remotely.

See the additional notes at the end of the record for details on print or other holdings and instructions for access.

You can also use the Encore version of the catalogue to search across the collections of the School of Advanced Study and Senate House Library


Access to online periodicals databases

The Library provides access to several periodicals databases through our Databases and E-Resources webpage. Senate House Library provides further access through their A-Z Databases page. These are accessible to all readers on-site at the Warburg Institute. Remote access to most resources is limited to Warburg staff, fellow and students who should log in with their Warburg library card.

Check Warburg Institute online journals databases here

Check Senate House Library online journals databases here 

Check Senate House Library online journals archives here


Remote access to JSTOR

All readers with a valid Warburg Library card can access JSTOR remotely by logging in through our Databases and E-Resources webpage page. Click on the JSTOR link and, when prompted, enter your name and the barcode number on the back of your Warburg Library card.


Open Access periodicals

Check our A-Z list of periodicals titles on this page. Where possible, we have noted journals that are available online through Open Access 

The Warburg library catalogue does not generally index journal articles. If you are looking for a specific article, it is usually best to search the library catalogue by the journal title first to find the volume that the article was published in. 

However, some off-prints of journal articles are accessioned and catalogued as separate items. These may be searched for by article title using the title search option on the catalogue. They are shelved in the main library according to the classification system.

You can also use the Encore version of the catalogue to search across the collections of the School of Advanced Study and Senate House Library. Encore indexes many online journal articles.

Our Online resources and databases page gives access to several bibliographies that may help you to identify specific journal articles.