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Guide to Electronic Resources for Warburg Staff and Students

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a number of desktop computers at the library for accessing the catalogues and electronic resources. During the COVID-19 period, they are located in the reading room.


Staff can access all electronic resources on our AZ page through desktop computers in their workspaces, as well as access through SAS and Warburg Library cards at home.


We are currently trialling access directly over wifi, through the UOL Libraries wifi network. This will allow access to a selection of electronic resources by connecting to this network.

To access them, first make sure that you are logged onto the wifi network UOL Libraries.

Username: [barcode number]

Password: [your surname in lower case]

Accessible resources include JSTOR, Patrologia Latina, Acta Sanctorum, and Brepolis databases.

Databases and e-resources AZ




Warburg Institute staff, fellows and students can connect to any Warburg electronic resources or Senate House Library resources that are available for offsite access by using the barcodes on your SAS or Warburg library cards.  

The best way to access these is via the Warburg Databases and E-resources page, the Senate House Library e-resources page, or by searching for the resource by title on the catalogue.

Using a search engine such as Google will not show our subscriptions even if you can find the website - you need to go through the catalogue or databases list.

The URL should look like this: https://0-[url of the resource]

To proceed from the catalogue, click on the offsite access link to go to the authentication screen. When prompted, enter your name along with your SAS or Warburg Library card barcodes as in the image below.

Screenshot of authentication screen on the University of London Library catalogue


Warburg Library readers can access JSTOR and Patrologia Latina/Acta Sanctorum using the same instructions with their Warburg Library cards.


Our electronic resources can be discovered in a number of ways

The title of the resource is indexed on the library catalogue in the same way as a book is. Choose 'title' as your search criteria. Anything electronic marked as 'PC access', which means it will be fully available through library catalogue PCs.

Through the Electronic Resources A-Z list, which can be browsed according to publisher, type of resource and subject.

Through JISC Library Hub. Using 'advanced search', choose document format: 'Electronic resources' and Institution: 'Warburg Institute' and enter a keyword in the fields above for the resource you are looking for (such as subject: bibliographies publisher: Brepols) JISC Library Hub denotes electronic resources with a computer monitor symbol. It will show additional library holdings elsewhere.

Athens and Shibboleth are sometimes used to verify and authenticate institutional users to directly log in to e-resources for which libraries and institutions have subscriptions. The system we use does this through the library catalogue instead.