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How to find library collections, use copying and printing facilities and access library services

How to find a book

Finding Books

The Warburg Library's classification system is unique and is intended to help browsing readers find new and unfamiliar material. There are subject lists at the end of each set of shelves to aid browsing.

If you are looking for a specific title, this is the quickest way to find a book:

  • Search the online catalogue on the Library website and note the classmark of the book you wish to find.
  • Check the library plan. The first letter of the classmark indicates the floor on which the book is to be found.
  • At the entrance to each floor there are classmark location lists for that floor - one list for standard-sized books and a separate list for Large Size books.
  • Each bay of shelves is numbered. The location lists show the bay number(s) for each classmark. Locate the relevant bay(s) to find your book.
  • You must fill in a marker card for each book  you take from the shelf. Find marker cards next to desks and windows. Take a spare one, fill in the information about the book, your name and the floor you are working on. Put the marker card on the shelf where the book was.
  • Once you have finished with  your books, please do not re-shelve books. Leave them on the re-shelving trolleys on any floor, or next to the enquiries desk in the Reading Room.
  • The Library is reference-only, meaning that all the books may not be borrowed or removed from the building.

Marker cards in use

Marker cards in use at the library


  • Up to ten books may be reserved in the Reading Room for seven days. If more than ten books are reserved, all will be re-shelved.
  • To reserve books, put a slip of paper inside each one stating your surname and today’s date. You can update the date each time you use the book.
  • Books should be kept on the Reading Room reserve shelves under the first letter of your surname.
  • All books left on desks will be removed for re-shelving at the end of the day.

Library Plan

4th Floor


D-Society and Culture


F-Magic and Science

3rd Floor


B-Western Religions

G-Eastern Religions


2nd Floor - Word

E-Language and Literature

N-Transmission of Classical Texts

1st Floor - Image` C-Art History
Ground Floor - Reference



K-Ancient Art and Archaeology

CR-Modern Art

P Classmarks - Periodicals