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Joining and Using the Library

A guide to visiting, finding library collections, using the photocopiers and printing, and how to contact us

Regulations for the Use of the Warburg Institute Library

The Warburg Institute Library seeks to create and manage a scholarly environment that supports learning and research needs. In pursuit of these goals, The Warburg Institute Library expects that:

  • Library readers and staff treat each other with respect and consideration
  • Library readers and staff respect private and University property
  • Library readers and staff comply with current copyright legislation and the terms of our electronic licences
  • Library readers comply with requests made by Library staff
  • Library readers act in a manner consistent with these guidelines and other Library policies


Access rights

The Warburg Institute is a member of the School of Advanced Study and the University of London. Details of entitlement to membership and how to join the Library are available online. Library membership is non-transferable and may only be used by the person named on the card.

Access to the Library is permitted to all registered readers of the Library during opening hours. Readers must show their Library card at Reception upon entering the building.

The Library may limit or refuse access by individuals or groups whose behaviour fails to comply with these guidelines. In addition, the Library reserves the right to close during advertised opening hours should it become necessary.


Data Protection Act

Applicants for Library membership must consent to providing their name and other contact details for the purposes of administering their borrower record.  The Library will process their member’s personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Library is part of the University of London, which is a registered data controller. For further information please see the University of London website.



Readers are expected to show consideration for others and should refrain from behaviours that disturb the legitimate activities of other Library readers or staff. Hostile, rude or other inappropriate public behaviours are not permitted in the Library.  

Potentially harmful or inappropriate use of resources such as books, periodicals, seating space, or computers is prohibited. Inappropriate use of computing resources includes: tampering with equipment, excessive recreational use, or viewing websites or images which violate the Janet Acceptable Use Policy or the University of London’s Equality Policy.

Food and drink (including bottled water) may not be consumed in the Library. Out of consideration for other readers, mobile phones and other devices should be set to silent mode. Phone calls should not be made within the Library area.  

Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes (or vaping) is strictly forbidden in the Warburg Institute.



Readers must show their Library card at Reception upon arrival.

Bags are not permitted in the Library and Photographic Collection. All bags should be stored in a locker before entering the Library. 

Suitcases, holdalls and rucksacks too large to fit into a locker (41 x 24 x 42 cm) may not be brought into the Institute.

If you choose to take your personal possessions into the Library, please ensure that you keep them with you at all times. The Warburg Institute accepts no responsibility if such items are damaged or stolen while in the Library.

A buzzer is sounded 20 minutes and 10 minutes before closing time. Readers should ensure that they have completed any printing, photocopying, or other Library business in order to leave promptly at closing time. No access to the Library (e.g. to gather possessions) is possible after Institute closing time.

A security system is in operation at the exit from the Institute. When leaving the building, visitors may be required to open books, folders and bags for inspection by a member of staff. 

CCTV cameras are located around the Institute to provide extra security.


Use of Library Materials

The Warburg Institute Library is a reference-only collection. Readers may not remove any Library materials from the building. We reserve the right to take appropriate action if a reader is found to be removing any material from the Library, which may lead to exclusion from the Institute.

When using the Library, each book removed from the shelves must be replaced by a marker card appropriately filled in with date, author, short title, classmark, name of reader and the number of the floor where the reader is sitting.

Up to 10 books may be kept for a week on the Reserve Shelves in the Reading Room; if more than 10 books are reserved, all will be reshelved.  Readers should not reshelve books themselves, but should leave them on the trolleys marked for this purpose on each floor of the Library.

Readers are responsible for the safety and condition of any items used in the Library. Readers must not mark Library’s books or periodicals in any way, including the use of pencils, pens, highlighters or attaching Post-it type notes to pages. All Library material should be treated with care and respect: readers should not place open books on top of each other or face downwards. Repair or replacement costs (plus an administration fee) may be charged for stolen or damaged items. We reserve the right to exclude readers who deface items.


Photocopying, scanning and electronic resources

All material to be photocopied or scanned must first be authorised by a member of Library staff. 

Readers may only use or copy material in accordance with the provisions of the copyright legislation currently in force and the preservation policy of the Library. Readers are responsible for the consequence of any breach of copyright. Guidelines on copyright are displayed beside the photocopying machines in the Library.

Access to electronic resources is limited to those for whom it is permissible under the licences and/or terms and conditions: this includes walk-in users whilst on site. Usage is only permitted for educational, non-commercial purposes.

The Library provides data and power outlets, and access to the University of London wireless network. The Library accepts no responsibility if readers’ electronic equipment is damaged while using these facilities. The Library cannot guarantee availability of internet access, or that Library staff will be able to assist readers in connecting devices to the network or with any other use of personal electronic equipment.


Guarantee of service

The Warburg Institute Library is committed to providing the highest possible levels of service to all of our readers within the resources available to us. Your opinions on our services are always welcome and can be made known to us by emailing us at warburg.library(at)


Updated September 2022