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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

How to navigate the classification system and the stacks

This guide includes all of the classmarks, shelf locations and links to the shelf list for browsing in the library.

To search in more detail for authors, titles, subjects, keywords and ISBN numbers, go to the Library Catalogue search page.

(The search box on this page searches only this site, and not the library catalogue)

How the classification system works:

The first letter of the classmark of a book indicates the floor on which it is to be found.

The sequence of classmarks on the shelves does not follow the order of the alphabet.


Classification Table

4th Floor


D - Society and Culture

H - History

3rd Floor


B - Western Religions

G - Eastern Religions

F - Magic and Science

A - Philosophy

2nd Floor - Word

E-Language and Literature

N-Transmission of Classical Texts

1st Floor - Image`

K - Ancient Art and Archaeology

C - Post Classical European Art

Ground Floor - Reference



P - Periodicals (currently off-site)


The main page for each class in this guide (Image, Word, Orientation, Action) has a search box for classmarks and a short guide to the main sub-classes.