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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

Classmarks BGAF: Locations, Search and Principal areas of strength


  Western Religions

Comparative religion (BF); Teutonic and Slavonic (BE); Greco-Roman
(BK); Christianity (BC); Christianity since the Reformation (BM)

  Eastern Religions

General oriental studies (GIF); Egypt (GL); Assyria and Babylonia (GN); Hittites (GKH); Asia Minor (GKI); Armenia and Georgia (GKP); Phoenicia (GKD); Syria (GKE, GKF); pre-Islamic Arabia (GKC); Ethiopia (GKA); Persia (GE); Judaism (GM); Islam (GA); Turkey (GP); India (GD); China and Japan (GC)


General (AAI, AFF, AFI); Greek and Roman (AK); Jewish and Arabic (AG,
ABG, ABA); medieval (AB); Renaissance (AC); post-Renaissance (AD, AAH, AM)

  Magic & Science (4th floor)

Natural sciences (FF); magic (FB); magical objects (FC); sorcery and secret societies (FD); zoology, botany, mineralogy, pharmacy (FO); alchemy and chemistry (FG); history of medicine (FE); mathematics (FN); divination (FM); prophecy (FH); astrology and astronomy (FA); cosmology (FI); geography, exploration, cartography (FP)



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Principal areas of strength

The history of religion, including rituals and onomastics; the survival and later influence of ancient religious beliefs and cults such as Manichaeism and Hermeticism, and their connections to Christianity and Judaism; the interrelations between Christianity, Judaism and Islam; Christian religion; Jewish mysticism, history and art; Western attitudes towards, and perception of, the Islamic world.

The history of magic and science, especially astrology and astrological iconography; alchemy; prophecy and divinatory practices.