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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

Classmarks EN - Locations, Search and Principal areas of strength


  Language and literature

theory of language and literature (EA); world literature (EIF); classical literature (EK,  EG,  EP);  European  vernacular  literatures: Italian  (EN),  Spanish  and  Portuguese  (EL), French (EB), Scandinavian (ED), Dutch (EF), English (EM), German (EE), Slavonic and East European (EC).


  Transmission Of Classical Texts

Medieval and humanistic literature (NA); survival of classical literature (NK); classical and medieval themes in literature (NE); pictorial symbols (NO); encyclopedias (NF); history of the book (NP); history of libraries (NM); manuscripts (NH); printing and illustration (NC); pedagogy (NL); universities (NB); cultural exchange (NI); travel (ND)



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Principal areas of strength

Italian literature from Dante to the seventeenth century; Renaissance humanism; poetics, rhetoric; the later influence of classical authors and forms (complementary to the holdings of the Institute of Classical Studies); the survival of classical themes and legends; mythological handbooks; emblem books; the history of European universities and academies; cultural exchange through translation, travel and pilgrimage.