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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

Classmarks EN - Locations, Search and Principal areas of strength

WORD (E & N classmarks; 2nd floor) has been moved to the Basement Rolling Stacks from April 2023.


For current locations and updates on the building project, please see the page on the main website


  Language and literature

theory of language and literature (EA); world literature (EIF); classical literature (EK,  EG,  EP);  European  vernacular  literatures: Italian  (EN),  Spanish  and  Portuguese  (EL), French (EB), Scandinavian (ED), Dutch (EF), English (EM), German (EE), Slavonic and East European (EC).


  Transmission Of Classical Texts

Medieval and humanistic literature (NA); survival of classical literature (NK); classical and medieval themes in literature (NE); pictorial symbols (NO); encyclopedias (NF); history of the book (NP); history of libraries (NM); manuscripts (NH); printing and illustration (NC); pedagogy (NL); universities (NB); cultural exchange (NI); travel (ND)



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Principal areas of strength

Italian literature from Dante to the seventeenth century; Renaissance humanism; poetics, rhetoric; the later influence of classical authors and forms (complementary to the holdings of the Institute of Classical Studies); the survival of classical themes and legends; mythological handbooks; emblem books; the history of European universities and academies; cultural exchange through translation, travel and pilgrimage.