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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

Classmark N Transmission of Classical Texts

Medieval and Humanistic Literature 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NAH Greek Grammarians      
147- Latin Grammarians      
288- Greek Lexicographers      
400- Latin Lexicographers      
500- Medieval Latin Literature      
2500-Byzantine & Later Greek Literature      
3000- Humanism. Italy      
4500- Spain      
5090- France      
6000- Germany      
7375- Low Countries      
8325- England      
8850- Eastern Europe      
NAF History of Classical Scholarship      
NAI  Classical Tradition. Middle Ages       
480- Classical Philology. Middle Ages      
800- Medieval Latin & Greek      
2750- Medieval Latin      
2751- Medieval Latin      
5000- Medieval Greek      
NAC Transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance      
200- Origins of Humanism      
1100- Renaissance in Fiction and Drama      
NAN Humanism. Italy      
NAL Spain      
245- Portugal      
NAB France      
NAD The Low Countries      
NAE Germany      
NAM England      
NAK Scandinavia      
NAG Eastern Europe      
Survival of Classical Literature 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NKF  General      
NKC  Classical Forms      
NKN  Italy      
NKL  Spain      
NKB France      
NKE Germany      
NKD Netherlands      
NKM  England      
NKG Eastern Europe      
NKK   Influence of Classical Authors      
25- Lyric Poets      
500- Rhetoricians      
600- Historians      
1010- Homer      
5000- Virgil    
8000- Tragic Poets    
8500- Comic Poets      
8950- Didactic Literature      
Classical and Medieval Themes in Literature 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NEH Mythographers      
1500- Romances      
1705- The Trojan Legend      
1810- The Theban Legend      
2105- Apollonius of Tyre      
2300- Alexander Romance      
2500- Prester John      
2590- The Roman Legend      
3000- Attila      
3010- Romances of Chivalry      
3350- Holy Grail      
3430- Arthurian Romances      
3520- Merlin      
3580- Tannhauser      
3610- Ahasuerus      
3800- Visions of Death & Hell      
4060- Animal & Plant Fables      
7010- Children's Books      
Classical and medieval themes in literature - Studies      
NEF Folk- Tales      
50-Single Motifs      
910- Tree of Life. Paradise      
1000- Death      
1130- Biblical Themes      
NEK Survival of Classical Myths      
1450- Minor Deities      
1610- Legends of Classical Heroes      
NEB 400- Exempla & Moral Tales      
1500- Legend & Romance in the Middle Ages      
NEG Theban Legend      
50- Trojan Legend      
400- Apollonius of Tyre      
600- Alexander Romance      
820- Aristotle & Alexander      
820- Aristotle & Alexander      
NEP Roman Legend      
NEC Romances of Chivalry      
350- Holy Grail      
700- Amadis      
750- Tannhäuser      
775- Bremberg Myth      
850- The Flying Dutchman      
900- Ahasuerus      
1000- Don Juan      
NED Animal & Plant Fables      
NEO Riddles      
NEL Children's Books      
Pictorial symbols studies 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NOH Pictorial Symbols: Texts      
150– Emblems. Italy      
660– Spain      
725–831 France      
980– Germany      
1240– Low Countries      
1550– England      
2500– Mnemonics      
4100– Ciphers      
NOA Pictorial Symbols      
875- Proverbs      
NOF Heraldry. General      
NOG Asia      
NON Italy      
NOL Spain      
NOB France      
NOD Belgium      
NOM England      
NOE Germany      
NOC Album Amicorum      
200- Book- Plates    
750- Printers’ & Publishers’ Devices    
NOI Seals      
800- Coins      
NOP Postage Stamps      
4060- Animal & Plant Fables      
7010- Children's Books    
Encyclopaedias 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NFH Texts. Classical      
250- Islamic      
400- Medieval      
820- Renaissance      
1500- Age of Enlightenment      
2000- Texts Pictorial      
3020- Modern      
NFF Studies. General      
NFK Classical      
NFG Islamic      
NFB Medieval      
NFC Renaissance      
NFM Modern      
NFI World Chronicles      
NFN De Viris Illustribus (studies)      
Books and Libraries 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NPF History of Book-Making      
250- Islamic      
400- Medieval      
NPD History of the Book Trade      
NPH Bibliophiles. Texts      
NPC Bibliophiles. Studies      
NMA General      
150- Special Libraries      
150- Library Buildings      
500- Librarianship      
700- Bibliography      
NMF History of Libraries. General      
97- Collected Studies      
NMK Ancient Libraries      
NMB Medieval Libraries      
NMC Humanistic Libraries      
1- Italy      
325- Spain      
500- France      
750- Burgundy & Low Countries      
975- Germany      
2220- Great Britain      
NMM Modern Libraries      
50- Italy      
125- Spain      
175- France      
390- Low Countries      
500- Germany      
1400- Austria      
1800- Switzerland      
2100- Great Britain      
2720- Eastern Europe      
3150- The East      
5000- America      
Manuscripts 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NHA Palaeography      
NHF Catalogues. General      
NHN Italy      
NHL Spain      
NHB France      
NHD 1- Netherlands      
NHM 1- Great Britain      
800- Ireland      
NHE Germany      
NHO Switzerland      
NHP Austria      
NHK Scandinavia      
360- Russia      
NHG Hungary      
55- Poland      
190- Czechoslovakia      
410- Yugoslavia      
525- Greece      
NHC America      
Bookprinting and Illustration 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NCF The Printed Book      
395- Bookbinding      
410- Typography      
550- Greek & Hebrew Types      
NCP Incunabula      
93- Germany      
300- Low Countries      
485- England & Scandinavia      
830- Eastern Europe      
900- United States      
1500- Sale Catalogues [now kept in Basement bookstacks]      
NCI Early Printing      
250- Gutenberg      
475- Book Illustration. General      
NCN 1- Printing. Italy      
NCL Spain, Portugal      
NCB France      
NCD Netherlands      
NCM Great Britain      
NCK Scandinavia      
NCE Germany, Austria, Switzerland      
NCG Eastern Europe      
1050- America    
NCH Illustrated Bibles      
80- Illustrated Religious Literature      
220- Illustrated Secular Literature      
400- Illustrated Editions of Ovid      
450- Other Classical Authors      
Pedagogics 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NLH History of Education      
2553- Teaching of Humanities      
NLA Studies. History of Education      
NLF History of Schools. General      
NLK Ancient      
NLB Medieval      
NLC Renaissance & Modern      
NBH Texts      
NBF Studies. General      
NBG The East      
NBN Italy      
NBL Spain      
NBB France      
NBD Netherlands & Belgium      
NBM Great Britain      
600- Scandinavia      
NBE Germany      
From 415-      
NBO Switzerland      
NBP Eastern Europe      
NBC America      
NBA Academies & Research Institutes      
Cultural Exchanges 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NIF General      
NIG East - West      
NIN Mediterranean Countries      
NIB France      
NID Low Countries      
NIM England      
1450- Scandinavia      
NIE Germany      
NIP Eastern Europe      
NII America      
Travel 2nd Floor Bay Locations Large Size Bay Locations
NDF General      
NDBNDG South and East Asia; Western Asia      
NDN Europe      
102- Greece      
133- Italy      
1318- Spain      
1353- France      
NDM Holland      
60- England      
NDE Germany      
400- Switzerland      
NDK Eastern Europe      
NDC America