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Classification System

Warburg Institute Library Research Guide to the Classification System

Classmark DH: Locations, Search & Principal areas of strength


  Society and culture

psychology (DA); anthropology (DL); folklore (DD); position of women (DN); history of music (DB); theatre (DE); festivals (DC); technology (DF); transport (DG); trade (DM); public opinion (DI); law (DK); sociology (DH); political theory (DP)


historiography (HA); world history (HR); Greek (HK, HGK), Roman (HP), Byzantine (HG); Slavonic and Eastern European (HGP); history of individual European countries: Italian (HN), Spanish (HL), French (HB), Belgian (HD), Dutch (HF), English (HM), American (HC), Scandinavian (HI), Swiss (HO), German (HE)


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Political history and historiography, especially of Italy and Germany. Cultural history, especially the survival of ancient cultural practices and their influence on later history, with sections of particular importance on the history of utopian thought and of handbooks giving political advice; medieval kingship; Renaissance political thought; the history of festivals and of banqueting (including cookbooks); Roman law in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.